Star Wars The Bad Batch's Cast on Omega's Big Reveal
One of the most intriguing figures in Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s premiere wasn’t just that surprising cameo. Read The Story
Angkor Ancient City of Angkor Was Jam-Packed With People
Angkor, in what is now Cambodia, was one of the most populated cities in the world from the 9th to 15th centuries CE. Read The Story
Star Trek 25 Years Ago, Star Trek: Voyager Tackled One of Its Most Transporter Questions
Star Trek’s world raises a lot of ethical questions—but its transporter technology has always been one that strikes at some of the most existential. Read The Story
Minnesota Minnesota Republicans Hold State Parks, Museums, Zoos Hostage Over EV Fight
In Minnesota, a fight is playing out over electric vehicles. Read The Story
Pizza Critics Are Panning This New Pizza Vending Machine in Rome
The idea of a pizza vending machine doesn’t sound half bad, but setting up one in Italy, where they practically invented pizza? Now that’s a recipe for disaster.
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3D Printer A New System Uses Sawdust to Print Wooden Objects
A new printing system called Forust is using scrap wood to 3D print wooden objects that are as structurally sound as regular carved wood. Read The Story
Franklin For the First Time, Archaeologists Identify Sailor From Doomed 1845 Franklin Expedition
A genetic and genealogical analysis has allowed a team of archaeologists to identify the skeletal remains of a sailor who died during the ill-fated Franklin Expedition to map the Northwest Passage in 1845. Read The Story
Google Google Assistant Is Getting a New Family Broadcast Feature Just in Time for Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, so to help make it just a bit easier to organize the family for a celebration, Google is giving the Google Assistant a handful of new features including Family Broadcast.
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War Melting Ice in the Alps Has Revealed World War I Relics At a park in the Italian Alps, researchers have unearthed a trove of World War I relics that was previously hidden beneath layers of ice and frost. Read The Story Clever Clever Auto-Changing Wallpapers Match Your iPhone's Battery to Remind You When It's Time to Charge
Given how catastrophic and traumatizing a dead smartphone can be, Ben Vessey has created a better alternative to the tiny, easy-to-miss battery icon in the corner of the iPhone’s screen Read The Story